5 Ways To Find and Explore the Best Neighborhoods

Your Colorado Career dream is taking shape, but where is the best place for you to set up ‘base camp’? Many of our clients rent first and make the first move after many months of weighing the options 

Lifehacker did the heavy lifting and sifted through a mountain of sources – and came up with the five best ways to explore your favorite cities without even leaving your home.

They suggest a novel approach – find out what real people are saying – right down to the street level. Ask questions and engage local experts with sources like ‘Street Advisor’… 

How to Learn All About a New City Without Leaving Your House

If you’re thinking about picking up and moving to a new city, you have a lot of research to do before you even begin looking for jobs there. The average salary, rental or real estate prices, crime statistics, best and worst neighborhoods, transit situation—they’re all things you’ll have to dig into before you decide if a city is right for you. Here’s how to make that research go quickly so you can go back to job hunting in what’ll hopefully be your future home.

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