Happy 135th birthday Colorado!

Today on August 1, 2013, Colorado will turn 137 years old.

Colorado Day is the perfect time to celebrate the many reasons why this state takes the cake…

FUN COLORADO TRIVIA from 9news.com:

  • Colorado means “colored red.” “Beulah red” is the name of the red marble that gives the Colorado State Capitol its distinctive splendor. Cutting, polishing, and installing the marble in the Capitol took six years, from 1894 to 1900. All of the “Beulah red” marble in the world went into the Capitol. It is quite literally irreplaceable.
  • Colorado’s southwest corner borders Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, the only place in America where the corners of four states meet.
  • Colorado is the only state in history to turn down the Olympics. Denver was supposed to host the 1976 Olympics. Sixty-two percent of all state voters chose at almost the last minute not to host the Olympics, because of the cost, pollution and population boom it would have on the State of Colorado and the City of Denver.
  • Colorado has more microbreweries per capita than any other state.
  • In Fruita, the town folk celebrate “Mike the Headless Chicken Day”. Seems that a farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike’s head on Sept. 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner – and Mike lived for another four years without a head.
  • The world’s first rodeo was held on July 4, 1869 in Deer Trail.
  • The world’s largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa.
  • Colorado contains 75 percent of the land area of the U.S. with an altitude over 10,000 feet.
  • Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak