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Are you an Executive or Professional in a career transition?

Are you desiring to relocate to Colorado? Colorado Careers puts your career – and your life – on track with a rewarding career in Colorado.

We have the unparalleled ability, experience and the market knowledge to accelerate professional and executive job searches and pinpoint the best career fit for you. Our career transition services are tailored to match the needs of executives, professionals, and your company’s departing employees.

Partnering with our clients enables them to redefine their career goals, identify their skills, market their abilities and find a career that is the best fit for them – not just a job. Our intimate knowledge of the local business arena translates into success for each of our clients – and the leverage for your unique situation.

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Better Job Searching

STOP! Traditional job search strategies don’t work. In fact, our studies show that today less than 10% of all professional and executive level hiring now occurs in conventional ways.


What can you do to overcome these new realities?

Stop Networking

Networking is viewed by many as a key ingredient in job search or career transition. We don’t agree. Our research shows that 80% of all professional-level hiring happens as a result of substantial relationships developed with influential business leaders versus a random acquaintance with a list of recent contacts.

Solution: Our team of well-connected Alliance Partners will personally introduce you to market leaders.

Stop Sending Resumes

Forwarding your resume to recruiters and open positions in newspapers or websites may actually result in unintended consequences. Specifically, you’ll be seen as taking the easier path, not as someone who goes above and beyond the crowd in all their business dealings. Is that the brand you want to communicate to the market?

Solution: Make lasting business relationships based on your ‘Personal Brand’. We develop a Brand that differentiates you from the crowd… and  leaves the resume at home.