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Gain a foothold before you even arrive in Colorado through Colorado Careers!

It is well known that Colorado is a very popular vacation destination for both summer and winter sports, boasts a beautiful climate and spectacular views, and is home to extraordinarily friendly people. But did you know that Colorado is also widely regarded as a top state for establishing a career, raising a family, setting up a business, and living an engaging, healthy life?


It is likely that you found our website because you are thinking about moving to this state, and you are finding that you may need some assistance in the hunt for the right job, or finding the right company to work at, or to simply figure out how to get connected into the business community here in Colorado.

You have come to the right place! Colorado Careers was established with the primary purpose of aiding individuals who have a desire to move to Colorado, with making that dream a reality. The hard fact is, if you are currently living out of state, it is extraordinarily difficult to “break in” to the existing community here and snag a job, or establish a career, without some insider’s knowledge of the business climate, and the various people in the business community.

This problem exists because Colorado has an amazing pool of talent, already living and working here. If an application for a job comes in to any HR department, and the address is shown to be outside of Colorado, it typically will be overlooked for the local option. This doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified for the job; it merely means that the HR manager recognizes that a perfectly suitable candidate for that job probably already lives nearby.

You may have already discovered that what is really required to help boost your career search, is a pre-existing network of friends and associates that can help you meet the right people, at the right businesses, around the state. Colorado Careers has helped countless individuals by introducing them to our established, well-connected network of business leaders in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and the surrounding communities. We have a highly successful track record of enabling “outsiders” to find their dream job, at a well matched Colorado company, and ultimately making the move here to the state to start a new chapter in life.


How do we do it? It’s not by creating a snazzy resume, or an award-winning cover letter. In fact, we hope to never have to use those items! Our goal is to present you… your personal brand… to people that we know, over coffee, a lunch, a brief meeting… so that these people can network for you by introducing you around to others who might be able to aid you in finding that connection you need to get the perfect job at your target company. In essence, we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our close family of associates, friends, family, business leaders, etc., to leap over the hurdle of not having your own Colorado-based business network.

Why are we successful? Because over mroe than a decade, businesses around the state of Colorado have come to rely on us to bring them wonderfully talented individuals to fill their most important positions. Personal introductions to the right people, already vetted, have a much higher success rate of landing a job vs. any resume amongst a pile of resumes, regardless of where you are currently located.

We invite you to learn more about this great state, learn more about what we offer, and to sign up for our free consultation so that we can get to know you and learn how we might be able to help you realize your dream of living in Colorado.