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Colorado-Focused Career Guidance

Designed for Executive and Professional Careers from $100K to $750K

Whether you live along the Colorado Front Range or seek to relocate to the Denver area, you will witness the best results in your executive position search when working with the professionals. Our coaches prepare you for an executive career search and open our expansive networks to help you find your ideal position.

Our executive training services focus on your specific career aspirations. Our coaches will craft an individual executive search plan based on preparing you for a career where you can thrive, serve with your unique skills and create a work-life balance to suit your situation. The first step in our executive career search process is to conduct an analysis of your career experience and skill set to determine what potentially will hold you back from achieving your dream career. We will devise an executive leadership coaching program to bridge any gaps that the analysis unearths and prepare you for your ideal executive position.

When you are prepared to move forward in your career search, our team will access their extensive connections in the Denver Metro area business community to open doors in your search. In the age of online job boards, social media searches and video conferencing, we understand the most reliable option in executive searches is personal contact from trusted referrals. Our executive career coaches know the business leaders in the Denver area and are known to provide five-star leads to the best executive candidates. We have built networks across a broad array of industries throughout Colorado and can match your desires and skills with the needs of those industries.

Because our career coaches live and work in the Greater Denver area, we have established the community ties and trust that allow us to outperform national executive training agencies. We understand the unique nature of the Rockies region, why executives and their families desire to relocate here and how to integrate work, family and recreational opportunities into the perfect experience. A wide variety of industries have come to call the Denver area home in the past several decades, and we are sure you will find one that fits with your values and ideals.

Professional Career Programs

While each program is individually designed to each person, there are three basic executive career coaching services offered to get business professionals started in the right direction. Here are the three types of programs we offer in Denver to build your personal plan around, with the help of your career advisor:

Power Job Search

3-month program geared toward building a competitive advantage over other Colorado job seekers. It focuses on the steps and activities proven most effective in the Colorado job market for your particular industry or profession with an action plan for carrying them out.


Develop and implement an effective job search plan with your Denver career advisor that includes obtaining any skills or tools needed for conducting an effective, targeted job search. Our executive career coaching services also include access to and help in building an effective network within your field, creating connections between you and your target industry necessary for successful and timely employment procurement.


For people interested in changing careers, our assessment program is ideal. They help to identify possible career choices and clarify your goals before creating a plan and marketing campaign launch for your new career. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for and what you need to achieve beforehand is critical to a successful marketing campaign, especially when seeking a new professional career or work in a different field.

The Executive Programs


Our foundation program for an executive position search aims to create the appropriate network track for you among the Colorado business community.

This executive training program establishes your Personal Brand development, explores best-suited opportunities and opens your Colorado business network with “warm” connections.


Our accelerated executive leadership coaching program follows a more in-depth approach to launching your network outreach.

You’ll benefit from upgraded features such as the Executive Portfolio, a package of marketing materials built exclusively to reflect your executive brand, value and experience.

Career Path
to Discovery

Designed for the executive seeking a significant career change, this program creates space for you to explore with our leading career consultants to establish rewarding, actionable goals to attain your new career.

Once goals are established, our consultants will access the proper business network to guide you into your new career path.

To learn more about how we can help with professional and executive career placement, changing careers, or our other career development services, please visit us online. Once you’re ready to take the next step, fill out our online inquiry form and one of our career advisors in Denver will contact you for your complimentary one-on-one consultation on your professional career. No obligation is required for scheduling or receiving your free consultation session so take advantage of our services by contacting Colorado Careers today!

Our career advisors in Denver look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Our career consultants in Denver look forward to
the opportunity to work with you!