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Colorado Careers’ Services for Executives

Designed for Executive Careers from 100K to $750K

At Colorado Careers, we have a team of career consultants in our Denver office that specializes in working with executives who either live in Colorado or would like to relocate here. Our unmatched knowledge of the Colorado market provides a unique advantage for our executive clients.

We offer executive career counseling to help you develop and execute a focused, proactive strategic career plan that produces unequalled results. Customized plans have built-in tools designed to give you the competitive advantage in the marketplace. As you will know from your experience almost all positions at your level are found through a referral and not through a published opening, a bulk mailed resume or a cold call. We’re not recruiters – we work exclusively for you, not the company doing the hiring.

Warm introductions to influential people in the Colorado business community enable you to quickly develop relevant, long term business relationships in the your arena. Ask us about our unique capability to jumpstart an influential network for you, for life. Close linked support by your personal executive career advisor enables the execution of a strategy that provides timely and cost effective results.

None of the national companies match our ability to connect you to the Colorado market. Compare our services and the value of experienced career consultants before you commit to a program that settles for less, promises much but delivers you and your family far less.

The Executive Programs


A comprehensive, proactive program for executives with a strong emphasis on gaining networking traction in the Colorado Business arena.

The program features Personal Brand development, creating best fit opportunities and jump starting your Colorado network with ‘warm’ connections.


An accelerated executive career counseling program with an expanded, stronger approach to the client’s network launch.

Upgraded features such as the Executive Portfolio marketing materials effectively present the senior executive’s brand, value and experience.

Career Path
to Discovery

Identify career options in the Colorado marketplace and with the guidance of our leading career consultants, establish personally rewarding, actionable goals.

Ideally suited to find – or confirm – the best career path for those planning a significant career change.

After an initial phone discussion your program is designed at a collaborative meeting with your executive career advisor to-be at one of our offices in Colorado. Together we will ‘white-board’ a transition strategy to fit your unique situation and develop a proposal for the best solution.

Our career consultants in Denver look forward to
the opportunity to work with you!