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Are you looking for help finding employment or making a professional career change in the Denver, Colorado Springs, or Colorado’s Front Range area? Colorado Careers is just where to turn to for help! Our Professional career advisors in Denver provide executive career coaching services that are uniquely geared toward clients seeking professional careers from $75k-$150K. Here’s a look at what our experts have to offer and how our specially designed programs can help.

Working with Career Advising Professionals

The highly-competitive job market of today has drastically changed the ways in which we find and secure employment. The days of relying on newspaper ads, internet job searches, or a headhunter to find employment have given way to the new demands of an overcrowded employment field. In fact, fewer than 5% of jobs are found using all three of these methods combined! Instead, professionals seeking new employment or changing careers turn to new ways of standing out that clearly defines them over others. Having that competitive edge often requires a personal touch. Our Denver career advisors help your network and cultivate direct referrals from people you know within your local business community—an absolute necessity and often the only way to successfully generate professional career placement or employment offers.

One of the key ways Colorado Careers helps meet the new demands for gaining professional career positions is through our professional career advisors in Denver. Our highly qualified and experienced career advisors use their unique talents and expertise in the Colorado marketplace to help clients find and secure new job offers or successfully change careers in Colorado.

Our Professional Career Coaches Provide:

  • One-on-One Coaching: One of our highly qualified career coaches will work with you individually to assess and create a specially-designed program uniquely tailored to fit your particular professional career needs, providing the resources and tools necessary to achieve professional career and employment opportunity goals.
  • Skill-Building & Assessment: Career advisors help assess individual strengths and identify any obstacles preventing employment, providing any skill-building needed with your individual plan.
  • Effective Networking: Our career coaches also help clients build a strong network of connections in their industry or field within the Colorado business community. Their unique abilities and understanding of the Colorado job market and access to “warm” referrals from within their vast network of Colorado professionals gives clients precisely the edge they need to find and obtain a well-paying professional position with the right company.

Professional Career Programs

While each program is individually designed to each person, there are three basic executive career coaching services offered to get business professionals started in the right direction. Here are the three types of programs we offer in Denver to build your personal plan around, with the help of your career advisor:

Power Job Search

3-month program geared toward building a competitive advantage over other Colorado job seekers. It focuses on the steps and activities proven most effective in the Colorado job market for your particular industry or profession with an action plan for carrying them out.


Develop and implement an effective job search plan with your Denver career advisor that includes obtaining any skills or tools needed for conducting an effective, targeted job search. Our executive career coaching services also include access to and help in building an effective network within your field, creating connections between you and your target industry necessary for successful and timely employment procurement.


For people interested in changing careers, our assessment program is ideal. They help to identify possible career choices and clarify your goals before creating a plan and marketing campaign launch for your new career. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for and what you need to achieve beforehand is critical to a successful marketing campaign, especially when seeking a new professional career or work in a different field.

To learn more about how we can help with professional and executive career placement, changing careers, or our other career development services, please visit us online. Once you’re ready to take the next step, fill out our online inquiry form and one of our career advisors in Denver will contact you for your complimentary one-on-one consultation on your professional career. No obligation is required for scheduling or receiving your free consultation session so take advantage of our services by contacting Colorado Careers today!

Our career advisors in Denver look forward to the opportunity to work with you!