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Colorado Careers Frequently Asked Questions

Digging a little deeper…

Fundamental to CC’s philosophy, is the recognition that careers do not happen in a vacuum. They happen in the context of a person’s life. The extent to which that person’s career is a “fit” can profoundly affect the quality of their lives.

Fit is a function of the degree to which a position makes good use of a person’s unique skills, talents and personality as well as meeting practical needs such as income.

It varies depending on each client’s program, but anywhere from a few months to a year. Each program is customized to fit the client’s unique needs.

First complete the Inquiry Form and you will be contacted for a confidential, complementary consultation with a Colorado Careers Senior Coach – no strings attached.

After our initial engagement, we will then create a timeline tailored to your specific needs.

During a face to face meeting we will develop a program outline tailored to your specific needs. If requested we will the turn the outline into a written proposal free of any obligation.

Start today! Fill out the Career Seeking or the Employer Inquiry Form and expect a callback within 48 hours.

Absolutely. We can speak further on this subject in our callback.

You should plan to travel out to Colorado for meetings and interviews when scheduled, and for key introductions when possible. It is not necessary to travel to Colorado for a consultation. Conference calls and Skype work just fine. Generally we see out of state clients visiting Colorado at least once a month for 2-3 working days.

Our staff will work with you to perfect all written requirements of your job search, but the majority of our clients land through building solid networks with the connections provided.

Absolutely, resumes and all marketing materials are developed with our clients by professionals and are a key component of you marketing portfolio.

We have worked with several clients that have moved their business, started businesses up in Colorado and used our networks to establish their client base.

Yes, we can connect you with members of the Colorado government to answer all your questions.

Yes. It will be important to immerse yourself in the community on multiple levels, and we will put together a plan to help you achieve this goal.

We would prefer to know your needs and design your program before committing to a fee structure. Our fees are however on a monthly payment plan to help cash flow the investment.