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FASTRAK: A New Approach to Employee Outplacement Services

Successfully addressing the individualized career needs of your departing employees has never been more important. To instill a sense of trust and dignity in them as they take their next career step, allow Colorado Careers to help with your employee outplacement services in Denver.

At Colorado Careers, we understand that everyone benefits from a knowledgeable professional to guide them in the job search process. In our work as executive outplacement professionals, we’ve developed the understanding of the Colorado job market needed to help your departing employees find the next step on their career pathway based on their unique needs.

We provide our outplacement services in Denver to give your firm an opportunity to help your employees begin a new chapter. By connecting employees with a one-on-one career consultant, you offer the opportunity to positively re-position in the marketplace and make the job search process a positive and rewarding one.

Outplacement Clientele

  • Bechtel
  • US Bank
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Quantum
  • Young Life
  • Siemens

Benefits of Our One-to-One
Outplacement Counseling Services

  1. Career trajectories are not set from the beginning, and they aren’t static. Every employee deserves the opportunity to discuss what has been successful in their past positions and what they are valuing most in their current transition.
  2. The transition process can be unsettling and uncertain, but having a professional to work with from Colorado Careers smooths this process and increases employee confidence in the outcome of their job search. Outplacement services raise morale among both current and displaced employees, reminding them of how much your company cares about their workers and their welfare.
  3. One-to-one counseling can be far more responsive to the needs of your departing employees than a larger group setting. For instance, our Get-Hired-Now® program was developed directly in consultation with clients and human resources professionals, because we recognize that our employee outplacement services need to change with the changing landscape of the modern marketplace.
  4. In the modern job landscape, one-to-one counseling can help displaced employees distinguish the signal from the noise. Our outplacement services help Denver job searchers focus on jobs that they have the most likelihood of acquiring, so we save employees time and frustration. At the same time, we have an astonishing track record, often reducing job search time by as much at 50%. That is value added for your displaced employees, increasing their esteem for your company in the transition process.

Components of One-to-One Employee Outplacement Services

  • Job Search Skills – Everything from perfecting a modern resume to understanding where specialized jobs are usually posted, Colorado Careers keeps abreast of the current trends so that executive employees find the job that best fits their needs.
  • Career Evaluation – At times, employees stop thinking about where they’ve been and where they want to go next, because they are looking specifically at the current situations they must address. With our employee outplacement services, a career consultant can help ask the important questions about what has been most meaningful in past jobs and what would make the next position a great fit, all while helping the employee see if there are any major pivots or new education steps that would be helpful to their goals.
  • Network Development – Within specialized fields, it pays to know the right person and be able to ask them the questions you have about gaining the perfect job. Employee outplacement firms can connect your employees with their extensive networks of recruiters for important companies and fast-track the process of discovering and acquiring that next position.
  • Salary and Benefits Negotiation – By being very knowledgeable about the fields in which we work, Colorado Careers gives you an advocate and an advisor when it comes to negotiating benefits and salary. Our outplacement services help displaced employees confidently accept a position with the knowledge that they are being compensated fairly for their past experience and education.

By offering Denver all of these outplacement services in a one-on-one fashion, we help you turn the challenge of displaced employees into a positive, rewarding opportunity. We are a holistic solution from your entry-level to your middle management to executive employees, which means we can offer personalized HR assistance for all your transition needs.