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Careers Don’t Happen in a Vacuum

We are here to help you navigate toward a more fulfilling job.

Fundamental to Colorado Career’s philosophy is the recognition that careers do not happen in a vacuum. They happen in the context of a person’s life. The extent to which that person’s career is a “fit” can profoundly affect the quality of their lives.


Fit is a function of the degree to which a position makes good use of a person’s unique skills, talents and personality as well as meeting practical needs such as income.

Beyond that there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration in order for the entire package to work. These include personal passions (music, art, nature, helping others, etc.), time with family, religious/spiritual activities and more. The relationship between a person’s career and these other factors affects balance and is central to Colorado Career’s work with their clients.


Colorado Careers is owned and operated by Colorado professionals with over 120 years of combined experience in Denver, Colorado Springs and the Colorado Front Range. Their backgrounds include experience and education in career transition services, human resources, management, retail, sales, organizational development, outplacement, merchandising, training, military, counseling, marketing and more.

Colorado Careers was founded over a decade ago by Owen Jones, who leads the executive coaching and leadership team and works one-on-one with each client.

Prior to launching Colorado Careers, Owen served in a variety of senior executive positions in international consumer products and the automotive industry. He is a partner in TurningPoint, an executive retreat company also in Colorado. Before he “discovered” Colorado himself, he was president and an owner of M&J industries, a tier-one supplier to the heavy truck industry in Ohio. He also held CEO and COO positions at Sheaffer Pen, Inc., in Iowa, and senior operations positions at Parker Pen Co. in Wisconsin and England.

Owen holds a post-graduate degree in management and an undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering gained with an engineering apprenticeship at Rolls Royce Aero Engines in England.