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What Our Clients are Saying…

Take a moment to read what our customers are saying about our career transition services for individuals and executives and our outplacement services.

“Owen and the Team at Colorado Careers do an excellent job enabling you to focus on your strengths and elevate your career! I do not hesitate to highly recommend them to both friends and colleagues.
— J. P. /VP, Coleman

“I have moved from a low-level consulting job to General Manager of a company doubling in size each year. Needless to say, my salary has increased dramatically. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done”.
— D. B. / MicroGlide

“Colorado Careers eased the pain of unemployment. The program identified my strengths and built my confidence going into interviews. I was able to negotiate a $6000 increase using the skills I learned”.
— B. R. / Lucent Technologies

“Colorado Careers gave me support at a time when my confidence was at an all-time low. The interviews, referrals, coaching and marketing all combined for a successful campaign. I could not have asked for more for my investment”.
— L.Q. / Attorney, Brown & Root

“Your advice resulted in my being offered two employment positions. Throughout my job search, I had nothing less than outstanding comments regarding my marketing products, they were cited as ‘the best seen’ by many of the companies”.
— J. B. / Titan

“There is no doubt I made a successful career transition because of the networking and interviewing skills taught me by Colorado Careers. I will talk to anyone, anytime about the value of Colorado Careers’s services”.
— J. B. / ANSER Corp.

“Your program offered a direction that addressed my personal needs and the initial impression was of professional, prompt, caring service. I learned to get in touch with my dream and have the courage to stick to it. Taking constructive action helped me through the low periods and helped clarify my direction. Besides the basic excellent tools provided, I appreciated the support. There was always someone available to offer reassurance and a fresh suggestion. I paid for and received quality, professional services. But you delivered it with commitment and compassion that made all the difference”.
— G.G. / Mira Mesa

“You have been wonderful and I feel that your services were worth every penny! Thanks for your help!”
— D. K. / U.S. Investigations

“I am now a human resources manager and I can tell you that the services Colorado Careers provided me were invaluable. The skills they taught me helped me transition properly from the military”.
— R. B. / Colorado Springs Utilities

“I was more than satisfied with the results I got from Colorado Careers. They did an excellent job keeping me on track and motivated during the tough job search process”.
— R. W. / G.T.E.

“I’ve been able to progress to better positions because of the career development skills they taught me. They gave me direction. I am where I need to be because of their excellent program”.
— T. D. / New Horizons Computer Learning Center

“Colorado Careers better prepared me for the whole search process from evaluating my skills to presenting them to a potential employer. They have provided consistent support with experienced, objective opinion and sound advice”.
— J. B. / Lockheed Martin

“I wanted to relocate from out of state. Colorado Careers was able to provide contacts and prepare a first class resume. The networking skills I learned will be used throughout my career. Thank you for your personal commitment to my career search”.
— E. F. / Schlage Lock

“The preparation for key interviews was so thorough that I was able to make the most of my job opportunities. I accepted a position at a 35% increase in salary with the help of negotiation skills I had been taught by Colorado Careers”.
— W. L. / Colorado Christian University

“The staff at Colorado Careers helped me to overcome my job search fears and develop a constructive plan that has enabled me to reach my goals”.
— W. M. / Colorado Laser

“I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of either new employment or a career change. My career transition skills were greatly enhanced, as was my focus regarding what I want to achieve with my career and my life. Most of all, I AM HAPPY AGAIN!”
— W. K. / Sony