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Are you a Human Resource Director or Manager dealing with the pain of downsizing or layoffs in your organization? You can make this transition a positive experience for both yourself and your departing employees by using our professional outplacement and organizational development services.

Colorado Careers is owned and operated by Colorado residents. We know the Front Range market and actively use our network and experience to help our clients. We place a priority on using best practices and strive to consistently meet or exceed your expectations in an honest, ethical manner.


There is now little disagreement that employee engagement is a crucial element of company success – and just to drive the point home, Gallup cites “Organizations in the top decile of engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, and have 90% better growth trend than their competition.”

It’s a quality issue. A workplace quality issue. We know that we measure what we care about and for the leading companies like Stryker, Hyatt Hotels and many more lead the way with engagement metrics down to the individual level. They know that their leaders must have demonstrably mastered workplace engagement and they design their selections and promotions around the metrics.

It isn’t rocket science ether. If you are a company leader you owe it to everyone and to yourself to begin learning what it takes from a professional Organizational Development partner – then start with the basics and build momentum.

Make no mistake, the upside is huge, for careers and for companies – and the early adopters will be the real winners.

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Customer focus/process improvement
  • Team building
  • Change/stress management
  • Performance improvement
  • Company communication


On a red rock, cliffside trail in Moab, Utah, one can learn more about critical leadership and teamwork skills over the course of three days than could be acquired in years of classroom training. Colorado Careers’ leadership training programs are designed to propel organizational leaders seeking real world experience to new levels of productivity and communication.

Unlike traditional conferences, simulated play, or classroom training, participants deal with real world challenges with real consequences. Participants are directly responsible for the leadership and communication synergies of their team and the ultimate outcome of their actions, while being under the supervision of RJ Stapell, an expert guide serving as a safety officer and mentor. Participants find themselves in an environment where they have no choice but to manage issues that in a normal work setting may go unaddressed.