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Making a positive first impression is the best way to ensure that others remember you. There is no situation where this is more important than when applying for a job. The difference between landing the job you are seeking and continuing your search often depends upon the quality of your résumé. Résumé writing services are one of the best ways to obtain a higher level of quality and are essential for those applying for executive-level opportunities.

Benefits of Résumé Writing Services

The combination of these benefits applies to everyone but become extremely important when it comes to applying for the most competitive executive level positions. Consequently, résumé writing for executives becomes an essential element in providing that much-needed competitive edge.

Applicant value. This provides a better understanding of the applicant’s value and what they have to offer in a succinct presentation.

Better “brand” sense & improved sense of career direction. These services tend to clarify a client’s brand identity.

Properly highlighted essentials. Having the right essentials highlighted draws reviewers to the qualifications they are looking for so that your résumé ends up in the interview stack.

A more attractive, professional appearance. There are certain tricks using white space, headings, type styles and paper types that speak to professionalism.

Time saver. Most people are not adept at writing résumés, so writing one becomes a laborious task that wastes a lot of time. A résumé writing service is a time saving solution

In line with current trends. Résumé writing services keep up with the trends to make sure that your résumé is in line with what employers expect to see.

An objective viewpoint. Many people do not like to brag about themselves, which makes them leave out essential details or qualifications. An objective viewpoint helps overcome this issue.

How to Choose an Executive Résumé Writer

Résumé writing services assist individuals who are presenting their applications at all levels of employment. However, those who provide executive résumé services have a higher level of expertise in highlighting their applicant’s value as well as addressing the specific demands of executive level opportunities. Here are several considerations to keep in mind as you consider an executive résumé writer:

  1. Get Referrals. Ask people who have been successful at landing high-level jobs for a referral to a quality service.
  2. Request Work Samples. Be sure that the samples provided are relevant to your specific area of expertise.
  3. Ask for an Initial Consultation. An executive résumé writer applies intangibles relating to your personality and presence to their finished work.
  4. Avoid Clerical Services. Clerical services produce a cookie-cutter style résumé, rather than customized documents. A service of this type tends to rely on the overuse of forms, which is an indicator of the level of service they provide.
  5. Consider Certified Services. Several organizations provide certification for qualified professional résumé writers. Look for certifications like Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) or others with proven credentials.

A quality executive résumé writer places their primary focus on adding value through highlighting accomplishments and achievements rather than job responsibilities.

Executive Résumé Writing Services
Are Worth the Investment

The competitive nature of applying to executive positions makes a professionally written résumé critical. Focusing on how you can be a valuable asset to an organization through a well-written executive résumé, greatly increases the prospect of an interview and landing the job. The value becomes evident when you consider the immediate increase in salary and a new career path with the potential for higher, long-term income. In the most basic terms, the ROI from an executive résumé writing service can be significant.

The difference between landing the executive position for which you are applying and continuing to seek the position for which you are qualified often depends upon your first impression. In order to create an attractive first impression, you must provide résumé reviewers with a greater overall sense of your potential value to their organization. An executive résumé writing service provided by Colorado Careers will give you the competitive edge you need.