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Part of a 100-mile view of the Rocky Mountains,
Mt. Evans (14,262') towers over the Denver Metro area.

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Our unmatched knowledge of the Colorado market provides a unique advantage for our executive clients …
for Salaries from $100k-$750k

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Searching for a Job in Denver, Colorado Springs or the Front Range? You’re in the right place at the right time…
for Salaries from $75k-$150k

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Professional HR, organizational development, and outplacement services to enhance your internal capabilities…
for HR Managers and Businesses

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Personal Brand - words not to use.

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Our approach utilizes best practices to
consistently exceed client expectations…

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Colorado is consistently ranked as the top state for work/life balance…

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Cultivate a career that harnesses your skills and enhances your work-life balance…

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Customized consulting solutions for HR departments and businesses…

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Colorado Careers puts your career – and your life – on track with a rewarding career in Colorado…

Are you a Colorado executive or professional
in a career transition?

At Colorado Careers, our executive career coaching staff works to put your career – and your life — on track with a career located in the Colorado Front Range area. We have the unparalleled ability, experience and market knowledge to accelerate professional and executive job placement and pinpoint the very best career fit for you.

Our career transition services are personally tailored to match the needs of executives and professionals looking for the next challenge in their career, as well as assisting with a company’s departing employee(s). Partnering with our clients enables them to redefine their career goals, identify their skills, market their abilities and find a career, not just another job. Our intimate knowledge of the local Colorado business arena translates into success for each of our clients – and leverage that is unmatched by typical headhunters or recruiters for your unique situation.

Colorado Executive Careers

If you are planning an executive or “C-level” career transition within Colorado, or are out of state and trying to find a partner inside our borders, Colorado Careers is the right choice. Our CEO jobs and executive careers strategies are individually designed to achieve your goals and objectives. Our knowledge of the Colorado market and unrivaled business connections give you the competitive advantage in your executive job search that sets you high above and dramatically apart from the resume noise. Click here to learn more…

Colorado Corporate Careers & Professional Jobs

Colorado Careers specializes in helping you find the career or business opportunity that is right for you. There are a variety of program options designed to meet varying needs and budgets. Whether you’re searching for CEO jobs, executive jobs, or corporate jobs, with 2 decades of experience, we are particularly well-qualified to assist with career changes, where resumes can actually hinder your search rather than help. Unlike recruiters or employment agencies, we represent your interests and needs – not the employers. Click here to learn more…

Colorado Outplacement Services

Colorado Careers is a leading provider of outplacement services for all your organizational levels, including executives. Our unique Colorado focus enables us to provide specialized services that will exceed the expectations of you and your employees. Our Organizational Development services and resume database will give your outplacement staff free access to qualified employment opportunities.