Career Change

6 Signs It’s Time for a Career Change

There are tough days and stressful periods at work. We all feel tired, drained of energy, and we lack motivation at some point. In most cases, talking things over with a friend, spouse, or getting a good night’s sleep is all that’s needed to get your head back in the game. But it’s starting to bother you, this insistent, buzzy thought – “just quit and find a new job”.

Are these feelings just normal or are they warning signs you need to pay attention to? How do you know if you really need a change? Since you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re considering quitting your current job or shifting to a new career. These kinds of doubts don’t just show up for someone who is fulfilled in their career.

Here are 6 surefire signs of an unhappy career choice.

You can barely think of positive things to say about your work

While your family and friends gush about how much they love their job or how great their bosses are, you come up with nothing. In fact, all you can think about are stories about a nightmare boss, difficult assignments, boring projects, and annoying co-workers.

If you can barely think of positive things to say about your job, it means that you’re no longer happy. Maybe a career change will make you happy.

You’re only there for the money

We obviously work to earn a paycheck. After all, we need our job to earn a living and survive.

A lot of people openly say that they are unhappy with their job, but they can’t afford to quit because the pay is good. Sure, you earn big bucks and you live a comfortable life, but your salary can’t compensate for your unhappiness.

Don’t get stuck doing something you hate just to pay the bills. If money is all that’s keeping you at your current job, it might be time to look for something new and more valuable to do with your life.

Work feels unchallenging

Our sense of accomplishment is essential do to a healthy, rewarding workplace. Feeling proud of what you have accomplished is one of the key motivators for you to show up to work in the first place.

If you’ve been walking into the same cubicle and doing the same work for the past 5 years, chances are you are no longer challenged by your work. Plus, it doesn’t give you a reason to feel proud of what you do.

If you feel your talents are being wasted or there are no opportunities for growth or learning, then you might want to consider moving to a different organization that will give you sufficiently challenging work. If you don’t leave, you will never grow.

You’re not passionate about your work

Most of us have had days at work where our heart is not quite in it. You aren’t fascinated by every task that comes your way. You feel tired and worn out at the end of the day. That’s normal. But if you find yourself constantly wishing you were somewhere else or you’re operating on autopilot, there’s a good chance that your job doesn’t exactly ignite a burning passion inside you. It’s definitely a sign that a change is in order.

We spend roughly a third of our lives working. It’s time to ditch the crappy job and find your passion. Build a career or business that is aligned with your passion.

You lack motivation

Are you accomplishing less during a typical work day? Do you find yourself procrastinating important tasks? Do you simply not want to do your tasks anymore?

No one expects you to be productive and motivated 100% of the time. There will be days when you lack the enthusiasm and energy to be on top of your game. But if you’re no longer productive at work, even though you’re capable of doing the tasks, then it could be a sign that this isn’t the career for you anymore.

You’re chronically exhausted

It’s no secret that ongoing, chronic stress can cause or exacerbate health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and anxiety.

Migraine, tension in your muscles, headaches, and anxiety attacks are all signs that you’re chronically stressed. Your body is trying to tell you that it knows what’s going to happen on and it’s not happy about it.

If you’re experiencing too much stress at work, it may be time to consider a career change. In this case, a career change may be more than a professional move; it will be wise and healthy move.

Are you ready for a change?

Making a career transition is undeniably scary. More often than not, the main reason why people fall short of ever making a career change is because they’re scared. The fear of failure, fear of making less money, fear of starting over again or fear of looking like a fool – these are the things that are keeping you from pursuing your dreams.

There is no need to be scared. The last thing you want is to spend years of your life tied to a job you hate. If you let your fear take over, you may end up spending your life not just in the wrong career, but having to live with the fact that you’re still there because you were too scared to make a move.

Go out there and do what you want with your career.

Regardless of how old you are or where you are in your career, you can successfully reinvent your career and make the change.

How a career coach can help

A lot of people need help with their careers, and there is no shame in admitting that. Whether you’re thinking about leaving your job and hoping to chase a new passion or you’re ready to take your career to the next level, getting an outside perspective from a professional can be extremely helpful.

Understanding the right career starts with understanding what drives you. Following a thorough assessment of your strengths, skills, and experiences, career coaches can help you identify the careers that are right for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. They will help you clarify what you want to achieve, come up with strategies to reach your professional goals, and build a structure to help you get there.

By seeking the services of a career coach, you’ll have someone by your side to guide you into the next chapter of your career. They will empower you to take action and help you gain confidence in new phases of your career.

If you’ve decided it’s time for you to make a career change and get some professional support, give us a call or complete this form. Get started today with a complementary consultation.