15 Fastest Growing Denver Private Companies

FGC-arrowOur friends at the The Denver Business Journal rank the fastest-growing private companies in the Denver, Colorado area. In this special report, we take a look at the top three companies in each of five size categories based on revenues.

If you are relocating to Colorado or searching for a new job in the Denver area, click on the of the story titles below to read the success stories of these 15 Colorado companies.

Flight I, revenues in excess of $45 million.

No. 1: SquareTwo gives clients a ‘fair square’ shake

No. 2: Demand spurs Harpel Oil’s continued growth

No. 3: Zayo Group’s success built on bigger bandwith

Flight II, between $18.2 million and $44.9 million.

No. 1: Recondo helps hospitals heal accounts

No. 2: DSP Builders creates cost-conscience designs

No. 3: CDL Homes finds its wonderland in Stapleton

Flight III, annual revenues between $6.3 million and $18.1 million.

No. 1: Doc Popcorn takes a wild ride

No. 2: Infolink turns dull data into bright outlooks

No. 3: Early lessons have strengthened Armstrong Steel

Flight IV, annual revenues between $2.2 million and $6.2 million.

No. 1: Global Resource Engineering: Drilling down — to success

No. 2: Greystone Technology fine with lots of competition

No. 3: BSC Signs: Going from Down Under to up and over

Flight V covers companies with annual revenues less than $2.1 million.

No. 1: Seogon stays ahead of techonolgy

No. 2: Seven-step system fueled TalenTrust’s growth

No. 3: Executive Search Associates succeeded by ‘filling the other guy’s basket’


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For a slide show of these top companies, click here.

The Ranking Process: How the companies made the lists

Compiled by Boots Gifford, print editor and lead designer at the Denver Business Journal and writer for the “Shop Watch” blog. Phone: 303-803-9224.