8 Crazy Colorado Careers

We were browsing the May 2013 issue of 5280, The Denver Magazine (and a fantastic one at that!), and we came upon a great article on 8 unique jobs that you’ll find only in Colorado. I don’t think we at Colorado Careers will place many of these jobs (though we could!), but the article is a fun read nonetheless. Below is an excerpt, and be sure to head on over to the 5280 website for the full read (and if you are interested in Denver, be sure to consider subscribing!). If you are interested in a more normal career, please let us know by requesting a complimentary career consultation.

Risky Business

From rockslide control and wildfire mitigation to livestock handling and aerial tram maintenance, Colorado’s labor market has more than its share of occupational hazards. We talked to eight people whose careers might make you love your nine-to-five desk job just a little bit more.

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