Career Counseling for Lawyers

Over 30,000 people graduate from law school every year,* with graduates pursuing a host of career paths from private practice to legal research. Transitions to the field of law can be challenging, but you can overcome these challenges with the support of one of our accomplished legal career counselors. Below are the top five ways a legal career coach can help you.

Colorado Careers provides guidance for those who are entering the legal field.

Lawyer Career Counseling

One of the most valuable services our legal career coaches provide is to offer step by step guidance to people who would like to become a lawyer. A few of the key ways that a legal career coach can help aspiring attorneys include:

  • Outline the steps required to become a lawyer, from completing a 4-year degree to passing the Bar Exam
  • Suggest volunteer activities and employment options that provide good preparation for a legal career
  • Identify preparatory courses that can help aspiring lawyers pass the LSAT and Bar Exam

We administer aptitude tests and self-assessments for an individual approach to help you advance in your career.

Legal career coaches have access to a number of helpful diagnostic tools and self-assessments that can help determine whether you appear to be a good fit for a career in law, or whether you display more aptitude for an entirely different line of work. Our legal career counselors are trained to administer and interpret these assessments and to review the results with test takers.

We assist with career transitions into the legal field.

Our legal career consultants have the expertise to help you if you are transitioning to the legal field from another discipline. In particular, they can help you customize your resume to attract employers and can help you highlight your existing skills that would be attractive to employers in the field of law.

We provide comprehensive career development services to professionals who are working towards an advancement in their career.

We help clients further develop their skill sets to succeed in the legal field. Some lawyers enjoy working in the legal field and would like to know what they can do to elevate their careers. Here are a few ways that a legal career coach can help lawyers who would like to become leaders in the field of law:

  • Suggest professional development activities that can help increase income for attorneys
  • Outline the steps to take to become a judge in your community
  • Provide advice for lawyers who would like to become a partner at their law firm

Work with Legal Career Coaches in Denver!

There are many ways a legal career consultant can help lawyers and aspiring lawyers achieve satisfaction with their employment. Whether you are seeking the best way to break into a competitive legal discipline or you are searching for career development opportunities, a legal career coach can provide valuable support and guidance. We invite you to contact us at Colorado Careers to find out how we can help you achieve career success in the legal field and help put you on the path to an exciting new career. We look forward to helping you develop a fulfilling career in law! Contact our team today for a consultation on our career counseling services.