Winning at Work

Consistently Winning at Work

There is a right way to win at work

It is always important to maintain a friendly workplace environment.  Your co-workers are the people you are going to see for most of your waking hours, so it would be a good idea to get along with them.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to win at work and accelerate past them.  Let’s face it, we all want more money and benefits from work, and not everyone can get a promotion.  What makes you more worthy of getting more promotions or more clients than the guy across the hall from you?

You need to differentiate yourself from the others, and here are some ways to do just that:

Work smarter, not harder

To win at work , most people try to work as hard as they can, putting in long hours and being very careful and complete with their work, hoping the supervisors will take notice.  While this is all very important, it is not differentiating you from anyone else.  You are simply doing your current job very well, but not necessarily doing what you have to do to get the promotion. Instead, just ask your supervisor what major problems they are having and let them know you can help.  Maybe they need someone to take some work off of their hands or maybe there is a big project they don’t trust anyone with.  Don’t waste your time doing what YOU think is important, but do what your clients and supervisors think is important.  You won’t know until you ask.

Find a mentor

When you get to a new position, you should seek out those people who know a lot about your field and are very well respected in the company.  This may take some time to figure out, but it is well worth the effort.  Once you find this person, ask them great questions like what their views on the field are and what their daily routine like.  You don’t want to sound like a con man and just make friends to get ahead, but genuinely and sincerely ask them questions, and see how you can make their lives easier.  These are the types of people who you want to lean on and be your mentor throughout your career.

Don’t gossip

It is safe to say that every workplace has its gossipers.  Those people who find nothing better to do than talk about co-workers and things they dislike about them.  Don’t be one of these people!  No one likes these people, as they are very toxic to the workplace.  This is a very quick way to make enemies and prevent you from getting the promotion.  Be kind and courteous with everyone you meet, even if they don’t act the same.  A great attitude is what separates the winners from the losers.  Besides, gossiping is a waste of time – the time  you should be using to get ahead.

Promote yourself

Many people feel embarrassed about promoting themselves at work.  They may feel it’s demeaning and you should do your work quietly without calling attention to yourself.  You can do this, but it’s a sure way to stay at your current position forever.  Promoting yourself doesn’t mean telling everyone how great you are, but it means keeping a constant file of your successes at work so you can easily show your supervisors your great contribution.  It also means volunteering for difficult projects and showing confidence in yourself that you can get things done.  This can all be done without being a show off, and it needs to be done if you want to get that promotions or get a raise from your clients. Read more at

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