Finance Career Coaching

Are you looking to advance your career in the finance industry in the Denver, Colorado Springs or Colorado’s Front Range area? Or maybe you’re a professional looking to transition into the finance industry from another field? Colorado Careers consultants coach executives who are interested in advancing along the financial career path. We advise you on developing your skill set in order move up the ladder in your branch of finance or transition upwards to a new field of finance.

Professional Advice from a Finance Career Coach

Seeking to advance in a highly-competitive field can be challenging, but our finance career coaches use their expertise to advise you on your career aspirations in the finance industry. Specifically, we help you hone your knowledge and skills for the next level of your advancement in the following fields:

  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Mutual Fund Industry
  • Investment Management Industry
  • Insurance Services
  • Annuity Industry
  • Trading Industry
  • HNW Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital

Personalized Counseling Service

We design a personalized search plan based on search parameters for the professional career in a financial field that will stretch your talents and grow your unique skills. We discuss your previous work experience and current skill level. Then we fashion a step-by-step pathway to achieve your career goals and create a plan to build on your strengths to continue to move ahead to success. Our professional assessment picks up any gaps in your experience or knowledge to realize your career goals. Our counselors advise you on training that will help improve your resume for your desired career.

Finding the Right Finance Career for You

Once your preparation is complete and you are ready to actively search, our experts will use their multiple business connections in the Denver area to guide you. While much of visible job searching is done online, the key to executive-level career advancement is through trusted referrals. We have professional connections throughout the financial industry in the Denver Metro region, and we will use those contacts to offer you the top-notch leads you need to find your ideal position. Our rich business networks in Colorado run across industry lines and help us assist our clients to find what they are looking for.

One-on-One Coaching

Our career coaches sit down with you one-on-one, and they work together with you to navigate the nuances of an executive-level career search. The job you are looking for is rarely found on job boards, newspaper ads or even through headhunters. While you may have found your current job via one of those methods, high-quality career-level positions are mostly discovered through referrals and networking with well-known contacts. Colorado Careers is well embedded into the local business community with a wide range of trusted partners to seek referrals for networking. We tap that network for you to find a well-paying professional position for you in the finance industry.

Transitioning to the Finance Industry

For those who prefer to move from one finance field to another, or from outside the finance industry, we develop a plan to seek any skill-building that you may need. Much of the knowledge and skills you have learned in your current career can be transferred to the finance industry. However, there may be finance industry-specific information and skills that you may need to pick up before you can transition. Our finance career coaches are trained to help you advance into your new career with minimal difficulty. They will continue to meet with you to prepare you in any fashion you need, until you are ready to make your move. If you ready to take the first step in becoming more marketable for a higher position in the finance industry, we are waiting to hear from you.