What is Your True Calling?

What are you meant to do when you grow up? Contemplate your future with these questions from The Four Virtues.

Give yourself uninterrupted time and a contemplative mind-set to consider each in a free-written answer.

1. Look at yourself from the outside as if you were looking at another person. What are the three or four most important challenges or tasks in your life at the moment?

2. What are you good at? What are all the things you love to do? What are all the experiences that make you who you are?

3. What three or four important aspirations, areas of interest, or undeveloped talents would you like to place more focus on?

4. What about your current situation frustrates you most?

5. What are your most vital sources of energy? What do you love and love to do?

6. What gets in your way or holds you back? Describe two or three situations where you noticed an inner voice of judgment, fear, or doubt emerge.

7. Watch yourself from above. What you are doing? Do your actions serve your aspirations?

8. Look upon your situation as if you were another wise soul looking back from the future on your life. What advice would you offer to yourself today?

9. What would you like to create, manifest, and bring to life? What is your vision and your intention for the next few years for your personal, social, and work lives?

10. What would you have to let go of to bring your intentions into reality? What needs to drop away; that is, what behaviors, thoughts, and people need to be shed?

11. What in your current life are the seeds for the growth you want to create?

12. Who can help bring your vision to life? Who might be your allies as you move forward?

13. What steps could you take to bring this intention into reality? What practical steps could you take this week?

14. Will you take these steps? If not, try question 6 and 8 again. See if something new emerges.


Original Post by Tobin Hart