Boulder Tech Boom

Boulder has long been nationally recognized for it’s entrepreneurial spirit and professional environment. Today, the Colorado town is seen as one of the country’s top start-up hub, with Denver a close second, as the two communities are rapidly merging into one.

This recent Denver Post article provides great insight into the rise of the region as a tech-friendly hotspot:

Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Accelerators blog kicks off its week-long “Heartland USA” feature with a focus on “Colorado,” as a public relations rep from the newspaper states in an email.


Really, it’s a focus on Boulder, with contributions from the likes of Boulderites David Cohen, Niel Robertson and Carly Gloge. Brad Feld, co-founder of Boulder-based TechStars and a well-known VC, was featured in a video chat Monday as part of the special.

“There is an old joke that Boulder was founded by a bunch of hippies who ran out of gas on the way to California,” Chris Moody, chief operating officer for Boulder-based Gnip, wrote in a guest post. “In fact, the startup community here does share a lot of the same values as the hippie communes from the 1960s. The guiding principles of our startup community are simple: share freely and often with others and they will do the same for you.”

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