Your Personal Brand

Movie stars, professional athletes, corporate gurus, icons of all types possess the one characteristic that is needed for them to be fully in command of their careers and their lives, and to be in demand – a unique personal brand. For years, American and international companies have been “branding” themselves, developing an image of who they are, what they do best (or exceptionally well), establishing that they are a leader in their field, engendering loyalty from customers, and building repeat business and profits.

Companies pay Madison Avenue and local firms billions of dollars each year to help them develop and promote their brand. When a company (employer) hires an employee, they are also making a purchase, buying services, knowledge, expertise, or some combination to meet their needs. In the same way that icons of the corporate world rely on their “brand” to sell themselves to the public and other companies, professionals need to develop and use a “brand” to sell themselves and maximize their personal profit.

Each of us has talents (hidden and not hidden), passions, interests, unique ways of doing things, “personal tricks of the trade”, and unique experiences that make us one of a kind. Personal branding takes effort, but unlocks the unique features that make each of us, as a professional, special – and valuable.

Learning how to brand oneself involves using strategies and tactics to tap into personal strengths, employ the power of words, use the principles of visual identity, think in terms of marketing and target markets, and execute a consitent, self-marketing strategy that is unique and memorable.