Double-Digit Hiring Gains in Colorado…

Colorado hiring is on the move, ranking 3rd in the nation Colorado scores managerial job growth of 11.6% in May. Denver Business Journal reports on Tuesday’s release of the Index, a measurement of managerial job growth since 2007.

An anomaly? We don’t believe so…

This positive growth index is supported by many accompanying data points, for example:

Colorado new car registrations in April were up 10% YonY and 16% year to date, YonY

Denver house values have the 15th consecutive month increase with 9.8% in March, YonY

Q1 foreclosures were down 21% YonY.

Consumer Confidence is at the highest level in more than 5 years

And on a finishing note, Canada Goose outdoor apparel announces the move of their HQ from Toronto to Denver – right by Colorado Careers’ Denver office on Larimer Street – Welcome!