What are YOU Selling?

This may not seem like a career article, but it immediately resonated with me. The number one thing I tell career seekers is that they need to be laser focused on what they want to do – what’s the one role, the one thing they do really well. 

This article talks about the exact same thing in relation to Jimmy Johns –“A lot of companies, especially new and smaller companies, try to be too many things. They want to be everything to everyone.

It goes further to say, Jimmy Johns is selling speed, not sandwiches. What are YOU selling? It’s the exact same thing for the career seeker – they’re selling themselves, so they better be laser focused

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Faster than the speed of…

…Jimmy John’s

By David Sneed

Jimmy John’s has it figured out.

I’ve never had one of their subs and probably never will, but I know who they are and I associate them with the answer to the increasingly common question: “What can I eat in the next 20 minutes?”

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